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YIKES!!! Am I really doing this?

Posted by Elisha Parent on

 I've been a sit-down-in-front-of-my-desk-and-design for the past 18 years. Whoa. I've been dreaming of this company I've wanted to start ever since my nephews were very young. I remember how different their behaviors were when playing video games. I refused to play with sometimes because I JUST WANTED THEM TO PLAY.

And they didn't understand how... our society has slowly enabled children to NOT USE THEIR IMAGINATIONS... They are given every image, sound and story right into their little brains without even an effort.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE TECHNOLOGY. I'm a total tech geek. I love video games, movies etc. AND I love cardboard boxes. I love opening books and jumping into them with my heart and soul.

I have sorrow for the children who will never read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," because they will have already seen the movie.

SO... with my passion for design, kids and playing like a 3 year old, I've decided to launch KIDS UNPLUGGED.

I just want my 2 girls to have the chance at an awesome childhood like mine. I want them to be able to use their brains, and flex those imaginations for fun and then perhaps later in life when they need to be resourceful when times are tough.

We all need to be able to pull a "MacGyver" once a while. 

Oh, and I want to thank my MOM and DAD. I have a great imagination because they made me use it. Best PRESENT EVER!!!


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