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a brief analysis of poopy diapers, business & joy.

Posted by Elisha Parent on

What oh what could this little rant be about, you wonder?

A mompreneur neck deep in the toddler trenches while striving for that warrior pose to balance her spirit? 

Yeah, yeah, we've all read this blog before. Mom's have it hard. We work, we ache for balance, we mourn our 20 something tummies and we live in the constant world of martyrdom. 

I kind of hate that. I know we all do it. We constantly commiserate about our messy lives; chuckle and snort at the crusted boogers on our pants and secretly roll our eyes at the 'perfect' mommies. We just want a small piece of their seemingly calm and balanced veneer. God, even if they're not balanced, how in the hell do they look that way??? Where did they find that golden nugget of peace; that alluring sophisticated joy they have oozing off their faces and skin?  Ugh... it can't be real. Or... can it?

WHAT IF, let's say we find out the JOY... pure joy, is just a lens that we look through? That simply enough, in order be released from the chaos of the perpetual screaming hamster wheel we often refer to as kids, marriage and work, all we need to do is look at the chaos through a magical lens. Perhaps the people we meet that have that sense of calm in the storm are merely able to see a spectrum of possibilities of good and bad when we are only looking at dirty dishes in the sink. 

What if, the realities in our lives are ALL remotely the same? What if the difference is that to access JOY all we have to do is remember that these poopy diapers we are changing are almost over. That in fact, that cute little bum will no longer be in diapers and your little cuddle monster is almost too big to fit in your lap. 

JOY is just pure surrender to the beauty of the moment. Sometimes that moment is when you discover that you just worked a whole day on your own business with a kiddo on your hip and it almost killed you. And now you feel like a f$(#&$* warrior. That is JOY. 

JOY is the little win when reach inside your purse and find a phantom sock of your kids. Dirty of course but, it makes you laugh. 

JOY is when you realize that all the little things that drive us insane are exactly the things that make us happy... because they are memorable. 

We can choose to look through the magical lens of JOY anytime we want. We can remember that no matter what the weather, it's always sunny above the clouds. 



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