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About Us

A note from Lee Parent, Found / Ceo:               

Right now, my baby is asleep, my 6 year old is at school and I am squeezing in my work as my little one naps. These days, that is just how I roll. Like many other moms out there, I'm just doing what I can to make my dreams come true in between diaper changes, gymnastics classes and naps. Launching this company has been a challenge and an eye opening endeavour! 

As a mom, it is so important to me that my children know how to access and explore the power of their imagination. When I was a kid we didn't have cell phones, laptops, computers or mobile apps to do the thinking or entertaining for us. We had the great outdoors as our playground and most often, cardboard boxes / duct tape was my personal form of entertainment.

Because of that, my imagination became my go-to "toy." I could be anyone, go anywhere and create anything I wanted via my imagination. I learned quickly that my imagination made me more resourceful. My ability to think out of the box helped me to achieve a realistic astronaut's helmet, or the discovery that I could draw on the tv screen if I covered it with saran wrap.  (And then gleefully wait for people to walk into my drawn mustaches. :) )

The resourcefulness and freedom that my imagination has given me as a child and as an adult is, to me, the biggest gift I can give my children.

Our Purpose:

We am to solely focus on helping parents / gaurdians ENGAGE & IGNITE their child's imagination. We understand as a company, that not everyone has a creative brain or the steps they need to help encourage their child to use their imagination. We believe, that as parents, we need to SHOW our children HOW TO USE THEIR IMAGINATION. We believe that a parent's active involvement in play will spark that child's lifelong realization and discovery that they can and should use creative thinking not only in play but as a tool in life!


Our Approach:

We develop step by step products that help parents engage in play to spark the imagination. Also, by finding other products that are being created by similar companies, we have developed a simple KIDS UNPLUGGED APPROVED seal, that we use to rate other products and help parents get quick visual access to see if a product is geared toward imaginative play.

If you find that sometimes you want to groan when your child asks you to play, then you are in the right place! Thinking of things to do with your kids when you have bills to pay and errands to run can seem like an overwhelming task. And let's face it, being an "on" parent is hard. Sometimes I just want to watch the tube and ignore all questions being asked of me!!!!

So here are a few things you might find on this site:

      • Books that show you HOW TO PLAY and give you guided stories to follow!
      • Super funny stickers that you can use as prizes, incentives or just a funny way to connect with your kids.
      • Toys that inspire imaginative play and creative thinking.
      • Clothing that can help your little one express themselves.
      • Crafts / creative kits for endless hours of creative play.
      • FAMILY FUN CENTERS to house it all!!!


Thank your for talking the time to read this. It's scary putting yourself out there!!! Good luck with your kids. Feel free to call / email us or me directly.

I'm just a human, with kids and a love for fun, art and the imagination.