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horse / circus Camp

Earn your "Ring Leader" Badge during Circus & Horse week!  

Your kiddo will build a performance, production, horse care, and riding skills during Horse and Circus week! They will learn how to put on diverse entertainment shows that include clowns, acrobats, trained horses, aerial acts, musicians, dancers, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, magicians, object manipulation, stunt-oriented arts, as well as costuming.   

We begin our week with a visit to Seahorse Stables to learn about the life of the horses, caregiving, and safety. We will have the opportunity to groom, ride, learn tricks, and care for the horses. Back on campus will we dive into our production, chose our performance pieces, design costumes, and our set. On Wednesday we will return to the stables for our final day of horse training.  

By the end of the week, the kiddos will have a chance for some free play/water play. We will then get down to business sharping our set and performances for the Big Show and Badge ceremony on Friday at 3:30 PM! Parents are encouraged to attend, though a recording of the performance will be available for those who are unable to make it.  



What to bring!

Your kiddo will need:



Bathing suit 


Water bottle

Sun visor or cap

Morning snack 


Afternoon snack

Walking shoes/ boots

Mud boots/boots (for the stables)

** All items must be labeled with your
kiddos first and last name **


8:30-9:15 AM: Arrival/Morning snack

9:15-9:30 AM: Huddle 

9:30-12:30 PM: Activity 

12:30-1:30 PM: Lunch/Down time

1:30-3:30 PM: Activity 

3:30-4:00 PM: Afternoon snack

4:00-4:30 PM: Clean-up/Wind Down

**Frequent mask breaks will be offered safely throughout each day**


PRICE: $210

COVID-19 Precautions

**Each of our summer camp offerings will follow CDC COVID-19 guidelines of masking, frequent handwashing, and social distancing when possible.**

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