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FaceOn!   Taking PRE-ORDERS!

FaceOn! Taking PRE-ORDERS!

  • 1895

"Um...yeah sure. What? You want to be a rainbow leopard? Umm... what about JUST a rainbow??"

Ever experience something like that? Yeah, me too.  And while I love to get crazy with the face paint, sometimes I just don't want to spend two hours getting my daughter's rainbow leopard JUST RIGHT.

That's why I came up with FACEON!

Step #1. Using a sponge or whatever you've got, put on the base color. TIger? Orange and white. Zebra? Just white. Nice and easy.

Step #2. Paint the inside of the mask black. (On the foam pattern.)

Step #3. and... put the mask on and PRESS! That's it! Viola! You're kid has an intricate zebra or tiger or leopard or someother crazy pattern on their face!

It's facepainting by WAAAAAYYY faster. :)

Pre-Order now and recieve 10 Free MYSTERY TATTOOS!!!! ooooh! What fun!!!



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