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Real Life Video Game: Jungle Quest

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Okay, we get it, you're kid LOVES video games. BUT you just feel like maybe you're not connecting with them enough and they're on those screens too much!

This book series "REAL LIFE VIDEO GAME" is a book that hurls children into a video game adventure where THEY ARE IN THE VIDEO GAME!

Watch your child's imagination explode with excitement as you guide them through a Jungle Adventure, or a SPACE JUMP to another galaxy. As you read the story to your child, YOU WILL BECOME the obstacle!

Through inventive body games (explained via illustrated directions,) you will follow the exciting story where your child will have to win level, by level to win the game! At the same time they will expand their imagination, test their physical aptitude and best of all, create an amazing memory with you.

Plus, it's a work out. Trust us, they won't want to stop!

PREORDERING NOW!  First come first serve... :) The first 50 Orders receives a signed copy by the author and illustrator! :) 



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